Holidays Are Coming


It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. The summer and fall flew by. We even experienced our first snow fall.

Our last blogs shared our fun time at the High Point furniture market. We posted some of the special items and new exciting concepts.

Happily that generated a lovely dining room for one of my favorite clients. An amazing meld of their loved traditional look with an exciting, edgy, painted glass sideboard, Louis XVI chairs, and a wonderful English regency table that can sit fourteen.

We also ordered some fabulous pieces for our floor. Here at our new store we have beautiful floor samples available to be delivered before the holidays as well as furniture and accessories to give your home a new and exciting look. Come in and browse to view some great gift ideas!

Happy Thanksgiving to all and enjoy food, family, and friends.


Excitement In High Point


The trip to the furniture show in High Point, North Carolina was inspiring.
The array of new products this year is the best I’ve seen in a long time. Hand painting on glass for special furniture pieces, crystals embedded in glass for wall decor, and a whole collection of simple, lovely pieces available in all the Benjamin Moore paint colors were just a sprinkle of the exciting selections. A new upholstery line I have aquired was even more comfortable than I imagined. Another new company we will be selling will enable me to sell stylish furniture for ages ranging from infant to teen, in many finishes and styles.
It wasn’t all work though. A great part of the show was the endless supply of food and drink, many times accompanied by live music; all fun and fulfilling.
Combined, it all generated an uplifting feeling and renewed enthusiasm for the world of design.
Check out all the new pictures on my website and Facebook page. Only a small part of everything that was new and inspiring.
Call or comment if you have any questions. Watch this site for lots more to come!



Remodeling a house is not an easy decision; this process can be time consuming and costly. You may want new changes to your home or maybe you’re looking to sell your property. Either way, this must be done the right way. If you’re thinking of renovating a space or the whole house, it is best to take into account important aspects before you start. Don’t know how to start ? who to hire? how much money you will need to spend or invest? here are a few tips to consider when proceeding.


Creating a plan will help you avoid excessive spending and allow for more time to think about what changes need to be made within your home. Your plan must include different aspects such as which area in your home you wish to change, added elements, potential cost, and your current budget to asses all these changes.


Give yourself enough time to think about how you want to go about your remodeling project. Search for ideas and examples of what you want done or simply use it as inspiration for your home renovation. The internet is a good tool to use in order to search for currents trends in home remodeling.

It is important to have professionals assist you throughout the remodeling process, although you may know what’s best for your home do not take matters into your own hands. You don’t want things to go unplanned, bring you more expenses and take more time than you had anticipated.

Do your research and ask for advice about any questions you may have concerning the remodeling of your home, get the best builders or engineers, and warehouses so that you can compare which services are better, but remember that the best is not always the cheapest. Sometimes by wanting to decrease the cost of something, materials purchased may not be of the best quality .

Include within your budget a value and save for future expenses. Saving more will not only help you in the long run it will allow you to have mobility within your expenses. When spending, make sure that the company or person you hired has the appropriate permits to work and will guide you properly along the way.

Finally, remember that natural lighting and the distribution of objects throughout areas in your home are important when making the decisions to the changes made in your home.


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